Leading Lights


Leading lines – something that photographers think about when they are creating images in order to add interest and draw the viewer into the scene. This image was taken as I began to walk out of a building.  I happened to look up and was struck by the lines of the staircase, but I wanted it to be more dramatic.  I’ll have a walkthrough about creating this type of image, but for now, here’s an overview.


Color is great for, well, showing color in a composition.  Black and white works really well when you want to show structure, shading, and design – and it’s perfect for architecture.  So the first thing I did with the original color image was to convert it to black and white.  There are a number of ways to do this.  In this case, I wanted to create high contrast and emphasize the lighting.  I started in Lightroom, and finished in Photoshop, as the image required fine control over certain areas.  I used layers and masking (not as hard as it sounds) in Photoshop to darken and lighten areas of the image.

As it turns out the lighting added lines of interest to the overall scene and the dark areas de-emphasized the otherwise mundane staircase.

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