A Fellow Photographer

I am a fan of Marc Weinstein’s photography and wanted to share information on his upcoming exhibit, entitled “disambiguation” at the Teatown Lake Reservation. I’ve also added a photograph from his “Gaudí Blue” series – stunning images that were inspired by the light and color of Barcelona and the forms of Antoni Gaudí.

Marc is also the president of Graphics by Color Group, a Hawthorne, New York-based company that provides printing, graphics and many other services to the photography and advertising community (http://www.colorgroup.com).  They’ve printed some of my larger images and the quality and customer service are top-notch.










Digital Noise – A Solution

Have you ever seen digital noise in your images – those tiny specs of white or color that look like fine snow or the grain in film-based photography?  It’s pretty common, especially in night photography at high ISO values.  Common or not, it can ruin an image, unless that’s the look you are going for of course.

One of the best solutions for this is a product from Topaz Labs, called DeNoise.  It’s super flexible and very easy to use. I use it quite a bit and find it indispensable for certain types of images.  Click this link to find out more about DeNoise, with some before and after examples.  And while you are on the site, look at their other products for improving color and black and white images.

Photo Editing Offer Through December 1st

Topaz Software is offering a huge discount on its software through December 1st and I wanted to pass along a discount coupon for anyone who’s interested in getting ALL 15 products for $249.99 (regularly $429.99).

If you are interested, click the following link and enter blackfriday2014 at checkout.


Happy Holidays!

Special onOne Software Promotion

As you know, I am a big fan of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite, which I used for my textured images of New York (see photos on this blog, below).

I wanted to let everyone know that there’s a special promotion for the new Version 9 of the suite (which includes modules for enhancing photos, black and white conversions, upsizing and much more).

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The special pricing is available through today (Friday, Nov. 21st).

To get the special package and reduced pricing, click here.

When you get to the site, click on the PRODUCTS link in the menu at the top and click on Perfect Photo Suite 9 in the dropdown.

Scroll down to where you will see what’s included and to purchase the product or upgrade (if you already have a previous version).

NOTE: you can also get to the promotion by clicking on the onOne link on the right side of this blog (under the Amazon and B&H links).

I will be offering some free onOne tutorial tips on this blog.  Stay tuned!


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