The Player


Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time.  I was walking along and had the good fortune (luck?) to look up to see this violinist.  I loved the color of his clothing against the blue sky.  His sunglasses were perfect with his outfit, and it looked as if he was waiting for someone to serenade as they walked up the steps.


I didn’t do much at all on this image. I brought it into Lightroom using my normal workflow of categorization, rating and keywording, and did just a couple of develop adjustments.

Leading Lights


Leading lines – something that photographers think about when they are creating images in order to add interest and draw the viewer into the scene. This image was taken as I began to walk out of a building.  I happened to look up and was struck by the lines of the staircase, but I wanted it to be more dramatic.  I’ll have a walkthrough about creating this type of image, but for now, here’s an overview.


Color is great for, well, showing color in a composition.  Black and white works really well when you want to show structure, shading, and design – and it’s perfect for architecture.  So the first thing I did with the original color image was to convert it to black and white.  There are a number of ways to do this.  In this case, I wanted to create high contrast and emphasize the lighting.  I started in Lightroom, and finished in Photoshop, as the image required fine control over certain areas.  I used layers and masking (not as hard as it sounds) in Photoshop to darken and lighten areas of the image.

As it turns out the lighting added lines of interest to the overall scene and the dark areas de-emphasized the otherwise mundane staircase.

Images of Asia

I’m pleased to have had 8 of my images of Asia in an exhibit at the Yonkers Riverfront Gallery this past December. The images were from several of my trips to Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.

Here’s a sample, which can also be seen on my portfolio website at

three-fisherman-Edit-4-Edit-Edit-Edit   Terracotta Warriors

The image on the left, “Three Fishermen” was taken just outside of the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.  The image on the right, “Terracotta Warriors” was taken inside of the original space where the “warriors” were found.


Travel photographs can often resemble travel postcards.  They are generally in color and in a traditional orientation such as portrait or landscape.  I wanted to do something different to capture the feeling of and story behind the places I visited.

Toning the images, adding a grungy border and making them square (these are printed as 12′x12″ with a 2″ surrounding mat and black frame) completely changed the look and feel of the original color versions.

Rye Arts Center Exhibit

I am pleased to announce my participation in a group exhibit featuring photographers from the Red Circle PhotoArts collective. The exhibit runs from November 2nd to November 27th at the Rye Arts Center in Rye, New York.

You can find more information on the Red Circle PhotoArts website at


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